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Addictions, Recovery and Relapse Prevention

 “The man who moved a mountain was the one who began carrying away small stones.”

Some benefits of addiction recovery
  •  You can plan for the future

  • Have healthier relationships

  • Work on their career path

  • Be trusted by your friends and family

  • Work on your grief and trauma

  • Find joy and happiness in everyday life

  • Have less stress, anxiety and depression

People with addictions are not bad people they are off tract trying to cope with life stressers in an unhealthy way.

Addictions are destructive to all of us. People may be addicted to food, drugs and/or alcohol, sex and pornography, relationships, gambling, shopping, video games, and many many other things. Addictions infect a person’s brain, body, mind and emotions therefore all of their behaviors are influenced by the addiction needs.

Often other life goals are abandoned, and relationships are sabotaged or destroyed.Denial, guilt and shame are the hallmark of this disease, which become firmly rooted to the belief that we need our addiction to survive. If history teaches us anything it is that we can heal from addiction with a strong enough WHY.

Those who manage to give up any type of substance abuse will usually have a great deal to be grateful for. They have just escaped a possible death sentence and can now look forward to another chance in life. It is possible for people in recovery to completely turn their life around and live their dreams. Those who manage to remain grateful are likely to be the most successful.

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