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Hoping for a better day tomorrow

Anxiety and Depression


There are times in everyone’s life when stressors overwhelm a person’s capacity to cope. We believe that we are resilient by nature, but sometimes there may be too many stressors at once, or you may not have the support that you need in your life, and counseling can be a gateway to healing.

Are you experiencing:

  • Anxiety or panic attacks?

  • Depression, sadness, lack of interest in life?

  • Trouble sleeping or eating?

  • Feelings of self-destructive behaviors, suicidal thoughts?

  • Feelings of intense grief and loss?

  • Feelings of being overwhelmed at work and home?

  • Struggles with addiction and can’t stop on your own?

  • Flashbacks of a traumtic event?

  • Hyperarousal and vigilance?

  • Emotional and physical exhaustion?


Counseling can help support you. It can activate your internal resources and help you feel a sense of well-being again.




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