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Sometimes a little direction is

 ALL you need.


"I never cease to be amazed at the power of the coaching process to draw out the skills or talent that was previously hidden within an individual, and which invariably finds a way to solve a problem previously thought unsolvable."

~John Russell

Coaching Brings Life Balance and more!

  • Picture yourself free from worry, fear, stress, guilt and shame.
  • Hear yourself speaking feely of your purpose, your goals and your dreams.
  • Feel the difference in your body as others want to spend time with you because you are courageous and true.
  • Imagine yourself feeling a level of powerful exciting energy with a full awareness of what is possible for you, without limits.
  • Personal development begins with self-awareness.

  • Live your life with a sense of direction and purpose.

  • Excellent self-awareness, you are clearer on the things you wish to achieve from life.

  • Improved focus and clarity.

  • More motivation to try new things out side your comfort zone.

  • You will have greater confidence, and more resilience.

Coaching for Life Balance

 Having a Coach is what sets individuals apart from the masses. It pushes you to reach your dreams. With your coach, you will develop a master action plan that clearly states your goals and defines the steps you will need to get there. Using our time tested coaching tools, you will discover methods for overcoming the obstacles in your way. Our Coaching program is designed to empower you with focus, training and accountability. Just as a personal fitness trainer helps you raise your standards for accelerated results in your body, your personal Coach will challenge and support you in attaining the results you desire and deserve in your life. Focus is power.

You and your Results Coach will begin by defining with crystal clarity the results that you are committed to achieving. You will then assess with absolute candor where you are right now—to define the gap between where you are and where you want to be.

Your coach will help identify the things that keep you from achieving the results you desire—and then help you create a game plan that not only works, but is enjoyable. Your plan is your “Pathway to Power”. It is not based on hope. It is not based on theory. It is modeled after those who have already achieved the real results you demand, at the highest and deepest levels.


Partners With Passion

  You will work with a highly skilled coach selected to closely match your individual needs. You will take massive, intelligent action to achieve your results. Your coach will empower you with the extraordinary leverage of accountability, as a good friend—someone who understands your ultimate desires. Your coach will help measure, monitor, manage, and support you to ensure that you keep your word to yourself, and take the consistent action that leads to the results you desire most. You are about to enter a partnership that will give you the true competitive edge, but you must step up and commit, with a passion and a focus that your life deserves. We promise an experience that will not only stretch you, but will be more fun than you have ever imagined possible. We don’t pretend that our partnership will be effortless—but it will be extraordinarily rewarding. Your time has now come for action.

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