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Emotional Trauma

 Emotional Trauma can be closely linked to addictions and sometimes eating disorders, because people respond to emotional trauma in very unique ways. No two people are exactly alike in how they act, respond, and cope after a traumatic event. The effects of trauma can be obvious, or hidden from the victim and the family. There is one thing that we know for sure - trauma shows up in the body and revealed through the brain body emotion .


Research supports that trauma may manifest itself as  addiction, eating disorder or other behaviors for coping with very painful experiences and emotions.


Examples of trauma :

  • Physical assault or witnessing violence

  • Emotional abuse and bullying

  • Sexual abuse and rape

  • Accidental deaths of a love one

  • Loss experiences, such as loss of a home or job

  • Natural disasters such as earthquakes and tornados

  • Events of war

  • Abandonment as a child

  • Sudden illness

 Have you been stressed trying to solve your problems?

Do you feel overwhelmed?

You don’t have to do it alone….Let us help.

Often it isn’t the initiating trauma that creates seemingly insurmountable pain, but the lack of support after.


We don’t heal in isolation, but in community. -S. Kelley Harrell

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