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No one ever told me that grief felt so much like fear.

Of the many trials you may confront in life, none is perhaps more difficult and challenging than being faced with a personal loss, whether that of a spouse or partner, a family member or close friend. How you deal with grief and move toward recovery depends on many things that are truly unque to your situation.

An  one day educational workshop for caregivers.


Exploring the different circumstances of sudden death, trauma loss, and suicide.


  • Acknowledging the need to mourn.

  • Exploring the multitude of emotions.

  • Recognizing the unique aspects of personal grief.

  • Defining special need in five domains of loss.

  • Understanding the importance of self-care.

  • Identifying the need for support systems.

  • Defining the compassionate model of care.

  • Describing six important needs of mourning.

  • Exploring complicated mourning.

  • The special needs of suicide survivors.

Two day weekend workshop for the grieving and those who support them.


  • Open to the presence of your loss.

  • Dispel misconceptions about grief.

  • Embrace the uniqueness of your grief.

  • Explore what you might experience.

  • Recognize you are not crazy.

  • Understand the sick need of mourning.

  • Nurturing your self.

  • Reaching out for help in your hours of need.

  • The journey through grief.

  • Coping with your grief and knowing when to get help.

  • The value of ceremonies.

Regular workshops in San Diego,

Los Angeles, Utah & where requested.

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