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We can find the gateway of healing emotional trauma and mental health for every client we serve.


It all starts with you and what you bring into focus. We bring our toolbox of skills and trainings from across the world. Following what is presented, we help clients access their strengths, gain insight, and build skills and confidence which can lead to stronger relationships and more fulfillment in their lives outside of therapy.  We look at all individuals within the framework of their relationships. We work to strengthen positive connections and understanding within all of their relationships, past and present, in order to promote healing and help sort through whatever difficulties they may be facing currently.  We also believe that individual and family concerns cannot be detached from the social, cultural, and political environment in which they exist. We work with clients to deepen an understanding of those factors and how they play out in their own families and daily lives.


It takes strength to work through life traumas and therefore we to must be strong in our beliefs and know the techniques to support the process. We intergrate science and technology with a vase specialty knowledge on addictions, grief, loss and emotional trauma.



Stressful situations are a normal part of life.


After a trauma or loss it can be difficult to manage your stress level and your emotions. You may feel confused or lost, like you don’t have the answers to life's very important questions.  Trauma and loss leaves you with a "new normal" in your life that will take time to come to terms with. Therapy is a stepping-stone of support for you. It can be helpful to find proper support and guidance from someone with an objective point of view.


Reach out to get started!


You can learn more about who we work with, and our specilized training and approaches. Make your appointment today!

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